Empirical Research on The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Workplace

Sofea Zemrag, Pınar Başar


Loneliness in the workplace is a critical issue that profoundly impacts employees and their performance within organizations. The level of loneliness experienced by an employee can lead to various problems, making it crucial to understand its implications. Similarly, emotional intelligence plays a significant role in shaping employee performance and interactions within the workplace. This research aims to investigate the relationship between emotional intelligence levels and the degree of employee loneliness in the workplace. To achieve this, the study sampled 300 employees in Morocco. In order to explore the relationship between emotional intelligence and workplace loneliness, the research focused on identifying and understanding the individual dimensions and constituents of each term. Primary data for the study was collected using a structured questionnaire, and the resulting dataset was analyzed using descriptive statistics. Additionally, a correlation analysis was conducted to establish a quantitative relationship between emotional intelligence and workplace loneliness. The findings of the study revealed a significant correlation between emotional intelligence and workplace loneliness among employees. The research provides valuable insights into the connection between these two variables, shedding light on their interplay within the organizational context. This research contributes to the existing body of knowledge on employee well-being and highlights the importance of emotional intelligence in fostering positive work environments. The implications of these findings can guide organizations in developing strategies to promote emotional intelligence and combat workplace loneliness, ultimately enhancing employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall organizational success.


Emotional Intelligence, Workplace Loneliness, Job Performance

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