Branding in Art Marketing

Sümeyra Çakıl, Didem Zeynep Bayazıt


All the products and services produced are rapidly transforming into commercial commodities in the century we live in. The rapid development of marketing techniques is the most important reason for this process. The fact that art marketing is a sub-discipline within the scope of marketing is a fairly new field. It leads to the complexity of art marketing, the existence of marketing principles in a directly non-profit field such as art. The art market that exists today shows how important brand value can be. When the world market is evaluated, it is observed that the value of big brands increases rapidly. The most important reason for this situation is the decrease in the time of the consumer to evaluate this product with the increase in the product range offered to the market. In this case, the consumer group starts to turn to the market leader without making any evaluation. Nowadays, it is seen that the works of art exhibited in galleries with high brand value gain more material value. In this study, although the subject of marketing in art is broad, it is limited to the way art interprets painting, sculpture and ceramics, and the marketing process and dimensions in art are tried to be examined within the framework of branding and branding strategies in art.


Art, Art Marketing, Branding, Brand Strategies

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